Rockfish Community Meeting Dec 13



NOTES: Rockfish Community Meeting December 13, 2018
1. Sandy Jones was sworn in as a new community board member.
2. Brownie talked about Welcome to rockfish signs that he had made and will be putting up. ( four were put up last Friday) and one was stolen already.
3. The guy down at Lindsay and Rockfish Rd begging for money and leaving trash down there. There was discussion about starting back up the Community Watch program and trying to keep the roadways clean of trash.
4. Brownie talked about the new neighborhood going up on Rockfish Rd by Rockfish Hoke Elementary and the incorporation process. The process for the development seemed secretive and no one knew what was going on. If the community incorporates, then the community will have a say in what is built and where. The taxes paid to the county now, does the community have any say in what happens with that money? If incorporated, you would have a say in your community/town and access to grants and special financing for development.
5. Carlos Boles board member spoke about forming a group from Rockfish to come together on school issues and taking pride in your community. If a group of people went to school board about school issues, it would be better than one or two people.
6. Election was brought up and folks were reminded of how important voting is and to not sit out any election. Be informed on the issues and involved in the process and making your community and county better. It was encouraged that someone from Rockfish run for school board and county commissioner in the next election. Out of approximately 32,000 registered voters in Hoke County which has 52,000 people, only 5,311 people voted. Although higher than other mid-terms, still many people in Hoke County either don’t vote where they live or just don’t vote. It should be more than that.
7. There was discussion about the DOT Road projects going on and there would be a big meeting in January/February at a larger place in the community. Red lights were discussed at Lindsay and Gillis Hill and Arabia and Rockfish Roads. Last time DOT did Traffic Counts at Lindsay and Gillis Hill and Lindsay and Rockfish Road, they did it while school was out, and traffic was lower than expected.
8. Governor Cooper visited the community and Rockfish Fire Department to talk with folks about storm issues and no one from the community was made aware. Even the fire department board chairman Mr. Brock was not aware.
9. Christmas in Rockfish was a huge success and the Trunk or Treat at Halloween was a huge success. Plans for the 2019 Rockfish Hoke County Fair are in process and the Rockfish Review newsletter for November is out and the next one will be out in January/February. During Christmas in Rockfish, many, many Cards for Maddox were signed and filled out and will be sent to the boy in Pennsylvania who is dying from Cancer. The coloring contest winner was presented $25 cash for the Rockfish Review Coloring Contest and his name was Braxtyn.
10. Food Drive still going on and the community has been receiving a lot of support for that and discussion was made about starting a School Supply drive after the holidays.
11. There was discussion about seeing if Hoke County Commission Board could be changed for citizens to run in districts of the county so that all areas are represented. Right now, the Commission Board is run by at-large voting. The county is growing and other counties smaller than ours have districts and therefore every community will be represented.
12. A gentleman from Harnett County came to our meeting because folks in his community are considering incorporating and he wanted to know more about the process.
There were no other speakers. Next Meeting January 10, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.


Rockfish Review August 2018

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Rockfish Review June 2018

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NOTE ON Incorporation; The Rockfish Community Board received letters from Raeford and Hope Mills but for some reason Fayetteville has not responded. If they have no plans to incorporate across county lines, then they should have no problem granting a letter.
June 30 at Rockfish Speedway is Faith and Family Night sponsored by First Baptist Church of Raeford. Anyone or any church can attend and bring your most recent church bulletin and get in for only $5.00. There will be special giveaways that night and a special candy drop for the kids.

The 10th Annual Rockfish Memorial Day weekend celebration was a huge success and we want to thank all who participated this year ! We want to especially thank Congressman Richard Hudson, NC House Representative Garland Pierce and Hoke County Sheriff Hubert Peterkin for coming out! The Rockfish Community Chamber butterfly release was a very special moment. THANK YOU to the All Veteran Parachute Team and 71 Junction for helping us out


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Rockfish Community Meeting May 10

The next Rockfish Community Meeting will be May 10, 2018 at the Rockfish Town Hall Building 2950 Lindsay rd. Rockfish, NC with light food starting at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting starting at 7:00 p.m.
AGENDA TOPICS: Special Guests, Memorial Day with WKML and Charitable Donations (We are collecting names of organizations that may be worthy of donations, please attend meeting to make recommendations), Welcome to Rockfish SIGNS, 10th Annual Memorial Day Coming Up May 26, Notice of Money being spent on Old High School, Possible New Elementary School, NEW Sheriff Annex at Fire Station, Tickets for Memorial Day Celebration, Report from Chamber Board, Public Comments.
Here’s a photo of of the new Sheriff Department Annex opening at Rockfish Fire Depart on April 20, 2018
Don’t forget we are seeking Sponsors, Vendors, Entertainment and Exhibits for the 2nd Annual Rockfish Hoke County Fair !
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Rockfish Review Jan 2018

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Rockfish Review Jan 2018 (Update)

During the last Rockfish Review, we accidentally left out two of our newest Rockfish Community Chamber members. Camp Rockfish and Castle Hoke are two new members of the newly formed chamber. Make sure you visit their web site; www, and


The January 11th Rockfish Community Meeting was held and approximately 65 people attended the event catered by Fuller’s BBQ. NC Senator Ben Clark, Hoke County Commissioner Harry Southerland attended the event. Members of the media from The Fayetteville Observer and The News-Journal were in attendance. Here is the link to the Fayetteville Observer story:      NEXT MEETING February 8, 2018 and light food will begin at 6:30 p.m.